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Intro by JD: I wanna see which posse can dance the best, It should be easy 'cause the beat is fresh. (Repeat x2) Verse One (LaTocha): Every time you leave the thought is left in my head, That you've gotta go home to be with somebody else. Now even though I'm sick and tired of being alone, I still gotta ask myself if what I'm doing is wrong. And what about you, what about you, Don't you think it's time, don't you think it's time, You tell her the truth? Chorus: Does she know where you go when you leave, That you're always with me, and it's all about me, Does she know it won't be long before she's out the door, I'm in, number one and it's all about me. Verse Two (LaTocha): Even if I wanted I can't leave you right now, 'Cause all is fair in love and war and I like how we get down. Although I'm in love with what's going on, ButI still gotta ask myself if what I'm doing is wrong. You can't tell me she ain't seeing the change, She ain't feeling no pain, and she don't wanna know my name. Repeat Chorus Traces of my lipstick... muzica versuri versuri piesa piesa melodia cantece melodia muzica straina All About Me. Piesa Xscape piesa piesa mp3.

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