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Versuri Hard To Say Goodbye

Verse One (Tamika): Time has been short since you left me, So I can't help but think, Of how things between us used to be. You were a piece of my heart, And I thought we were swell, Until you told me you were leaving, To find a better life for yourself. Oh I... Chorus: I wish we were together again, Loving the way we used to love, Boy I miss you much. I wish we were together again, Oh how I'm missing you, It's so hard for me to say goodbye. Verse Two (Kandi): You know that I love you, And for you there ain't nothing in this world, That I won't do. If you would only come back to me, And let me show you how loving me could be. Bridge: (Tiny): I, I've got feelings, But you act like you don't care, You treat me so unfair. (Tamika): Love has no meaning, Since you walked right out my life. You've touched a part of me, Can't you see that I'm in need of you? Repeat Chorus to fade

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