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Versuri Do You Want To

Intro (Tiny): Hey baby, I wanna know one thing... Do you want me as much as I want you? Say you do. Verse One: (Tiny): Never should have kissed you, Never made that call. I told myself, In love I shouldn't fall. Would've been a pleasure, Just to know your name. Look at me, silly me, Now I'm back in love again. (LaTocha): And there's nothing you can tell me, Nothing I can do. I just hope that you're in love with me, The way that I'm in love with you. Chorus: Do you want to, Like I want to be in love with you. Say you do. Do you want to, Like I want, I want to make love to you. Say you do. Verse Two: (Tiny): Never understand it, Loving takes control. Oh, I ask myself, Girl, should you let it go? That would be too crazy, Life without you know. Hate to think of it happening, That you won't be around. (LaTocha): Now there's something you can show me, Something you can say. Promise me you'll stay with me, Until my dying day. Repeat Chorus Break: (Tiny): Now my deep emotions Have completely come over me. I'm into you, I'm loving you too deep, Oh, yes I am. (LaTocha): Should have seen it coming, Felt my heart beating much too weak. I can't control, I can't let go, Of you baby, you baby, you. Repeat Chorus to fade Outro: (Tiny): Did it feel good to you, baby, Like it felt good to me. Do you want it again baby, baby, 'Cause I want it right now, yes I do. (LaTocha): Sometimes I cry, baby, Sometimes I weep at night, baby. Take me, take me, tell me you love me, baby, Say you really, really love me, baby. Sometimes I can't sleep at night, 'Cause I want you right here by my side. Baby, baby, baby, Say you want to make love to me, baby, Like I do to you.

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