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[Mr. Pookie] You heard tha sound of a boom, didnt see me hit yo body repeatedly Burnin in yo capsule, hittin corners through yo artery Dont bother me please, I got control of this land Dont give a fuck, I'll fly again and again in yo hand Or his or her, I have no ears, I cant hear wha's tha problem But wheneva my homies stunt, you best believe I'll resolve em AK blastin no warnin, cant wait to jus be release Soon as I spit out tha barrel, niggaz betta move, I cant see No mo peeps, this aggrevated hot rounds of me Jus cant wait to see us, we too swift, bitch we comin in flees On yo knees, feel tha wrath of these itty bitty fellaz Come get it if you dare us, through his own, now he's took care of Betta pair up and hit yo ass in multiples of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Tryin to duck but it went all tha way in, no mo friends Jus faces of a desparate one, I aint gotta face yo son Jus look at tha angry one who held tha gun Lookin 4 me, I'm all up in ya, explosive once I enter And leavin big ol holes so you remember And gainin up on speed every second, keep goin til I get em I'm deadly when I'm sparked, that's a lesson Chorus[x2] Who I Be? That loud bang that always keep em duckin Who I Be? An element been know to kill for nuthin Whatcha see? Eternally now caught up in tha darkness Fuckin wit artillery that's heartless [Solo] I came to you extremely heavy, I definitely aint no nigga I'm quick to resolve shit wit one movement of tha finger I split ligaments, fuck tha innocent I one of tha causes for tha high death toll in tha world today But neva face imprisonment Cant see me when I'm movin cause I'm practically invisble I'm known throughout tha world to cause pain in individuals If you're ever confronted wit danger, please let me handle it I guarnatee to destroy all in this world wit some gansta shit Fuck tha pastors, tha schoolteachers, children and yo momma I don took tha lives of Presidents and street thugs on tha corner I'm tha definition of death row Have you froze wit a tag on ya left toe Or tha hospital bed wit ripped throat Chorus[x2] [Mr. Pookie & Solo] As I leave up out tha barrel, army fatigue apparel Finna give this nigga a bone marrow Took care of situations that gave chase afta chase off Hit em directly in his forehead, now his face off He fired from my ass, jus look out for wha I'm shittin Twistin, bleedin and chokin, wide open when I'n hittin So listen together, we be as deadly some nerve gas As tha words past, baby get tha last laugh Movin swiftly, 9 outta 10 I left him critically eternal injuries left no hope or possiblities As long as I don struck him, violence will neva cease It's me tha deadly one, mo painful than a dose of HIV I be 10 times badder than tha baddest hood nigga I be 10 times badde than them bustas that pull triggas Challenge or duel, so understand how tha fuck I'm feelin These bitch made niggaz, gettin a reputation off my killin All my Ghetto children were meant to be born killaz We enter in warm niggaz, leavin homies to mourn niggaz We be quick to bomb niggaz, when we come tumblin down I don hit yo chest makin you do that gurgilin sound Chorus[x2]

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