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[Mr. Pookie] Now uh, which way he came, left or right, you can squash that I came from all directions playa, can you top that? I got em waitin Mr. Rippla, how you droppin it? See, I'ma drop it wit a CD full of major hits I got tha switch when its click, I'm in tha zone fool And plus you know that I'm gon rip it fo tha song through It's time to shine, time to polish off my game right Krunk like its game night or a Roy Jones title fight Wit combinations that can spark up in a blaze fire I'm gettin paid while you bustas goin haywire So wha you say now? I brought tha ruckus Testin tha bustas, got sumthin to say but no they love us Indeed, I bring tha trees when its time to choke Ready to beat up on tha foes at tha end of tha show This time you know, my crooks stay on top of they game And when you least expect it thea's anotha hook to tha brain Chorus(Juiell) Balla, if you a balla tell em how you comin hard Hustla, if you a hustla, baby hustle like a superstar Playa, cause we some playaz and you know jus who we are Crooksta, if you a crook tell em how ya comin hard [Mr. Pookie] Right back at cha, awww hell naw I wont ease up Dont got me krunk now, picture me wit cheese stuffed In my pockets, I bout to get it on a paper rage Gotta make my paper change, increase my paper weight Set tha stage, aint got no killaz on tha payroll Only my crook playaz wit me from tha get go Let it be known I'm from Dallas, that's in Texas Bring it on, as if you think you can outflex us Betta bring yo best, cause I'm runnin round these fools I been waitin for this very day, straight up clownin fools I'll face him, who, you, wha, that's to all my foes See we gunnin when we runnin playa, knockin down closed doors And uh, down to strike a pose when I finish rippin on these figgaz Makin sure my presence felt, boy I been bound to come up wit cha It's tha Mr. comin hard on em, bring tha track, I'ma bomb on em Kevin A put tha guard on em, I'ma bout to storm on em Chorus [Mr. Pookie] Now you see in a change of clothes, still creased down Got my ice on my fingers and struttin hard through tha town And I cant forget my crown, flip tha brim like a pimp Slide my fingers across, that's to make sure of tha fit Got tha ladies checkin this and my hair whipped up And a sack in my pocket, French connection in tha cut Valley ruff on tha mic, when I'm chillin like this That's when I'm ballin wit my crooks feelin tipsy and shit I'm comin dizzy wit hits, and cant nobody fade tha G's I'm as witable, hitable no he strappin on these 3's You can try, you wont succeed, I'm to playa like, playboy I know some tru cats that'll whoop you and yo homeboys Me and Pookie solo johnson in tha old school clubbin wit no rules, peepin tha foes 2 Eatin some soul food and now we choosin It's Mr. Pookie neighborhood watchin, crooks is movin Chorus

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