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[Mr. Pookie] Follow my wickedness, now can you picture this? 2 deadly crooks, went off tha hook, Don smoked a blunt, I feel tha dizzyness Twist yo ass up, real tight wrapped up like Twizzler My nigga jus wont cha to feel a, crooked nigga off Audelia Dallas Texas, we quickly risin up and surprisin So light up anotha splif, get ready to dip, off in that Highland Sky friend, down wit me we smokin that Annie Mae Catch a nigga talkin shit, he my enemy Like Kennedy, he gettin sprayed So I keep my gauge loaded, pop, pop Uh oh, there they go, let anotha flee 4 real crooks runnin tight wit me Jus a crooked ass nigga finna claim these streets Beats I rip em, oh yes indeed aint nuthin simpler Gotta 0 for them foes, that stories untold Yes I'm Tha Rippla, watch out when I hit cha And keep on comin when thea's trouble I'm gon pop tha trunk, down to pump, and make these niggaz scuffle Bust yo bubble, if tha static start Infrared up on his heart That's to set this shit apart Nigga, that's b4 it starts Chorus: Juiell (repeat 2X) Take out fucked up lungs from tha blunt smoke 4 deep, eyes closed, gon on that door to door Smokin on Annie Maes, swervin up in that burbon Sippin on that Syrup and ya'll aint heard me, Nigga [K-Roc] I bring mo Grim than Mr. Reeper, keep watchin me cause I'ma creeper Pull out my pistol faster than you reach and check yo beeper See we teachers, and soon as you break fast, class had started Some of you will fall short in yo mission to be tha hardest Now retarted mean slow, so I was blessed to ride tha big bus Whoopin niggaz wit false nuts, fuck em and feed em saltdust Cause all us, we killaz, enemies aint no kin to me Drop em off in tha Trinity, tha endin of a killin spree Outsmoke a chimney, that's me, carousin that figure Nigga, go blow yo swisha, watch me blow a swisha bigger Then send you to a place, where you taste nuthin but cake All tha beats made by Kevin A., K-Roc you face Slow it down K, I'm tryin to let em know that they cant touch us We on our way to Annie Maes, smoked out up in this Cutlass Hataz want ruckus, but all my niggaz like fuck em Let's go back to puffin and go try to fuck us sumthin Chorus [x2] [Mr. Pookie] Time to hit tha dance flo', look at her, Goddamn hoe Bring a couple of yo friends so my niggaz can play em like banjos But I'm jus sayin though, get yo team and I'll get mine We can sip up on this wine, smoke some weed and get so high I'd be lyin, if I said I wasnt attracted by yo biddies Lustin for them titties, make yo booty jump like switches But tension buildin up, some ol busta and his freak Tryin to battle up in tha club cause he fucked her friend last week I'm gon keep, my composure, head swiftly for tha exit Already 2:55 and these niggaz out hea wreckin I'm bettin it's gon be, mo drama in a minute Baby momma might be in it, swearin to GOD that she gon kill him Man I feel him, I hit tha block a couple of times and go Roll it up fast, smash on tha gas, its time to hit tha way to go Time to choke and not a lil bit, roll up a swisha shit I'm be smokin til my lungs get big,(til wha?) my lungs get big, Nigga Chorus [x2] [K-Roc] Who is that? Tha rockla nigga, comin up tha block sparklin Lettin my dawgs holla in my black Ashton Martin's What you got nigga? We some soljaz, we marchin Like my nigga, P, tha industry is a toy We bangin wit tha East Coast flow and tha hub coast twang But a crook 4 life nigga, that's tha game, got claim? I gotta AK 47 and I call it KC Cause he sound so sweet, when I let him go and release heat Cant forget his brotha JoJo, tha 44 on my hip When I run outta his brotha, best believe he a trip Nigga sippin sumthin, comin down clean and I'm dippin sumthin Fast nigga, blow past niggaz like Eric Dickerson I aint sportin Gators but you niggaz betta watch me though Fubued out tha game, crooked chain, wit a foxy hoe Feelin like a millionaire sippin Hennessey Full of green trees, you niggaz betta picture me Chorus[x2]

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