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[Mr. Pookie] Feel tha calmness of tha breeze as Mr. Pookie walks through tha hood I been strollin all night long solo johnson feelin good I just threw away a dubbie nigga, I'm about to roll anotha Til I bumped into two niggaz I aint know wassup hustla I heard you got them sacks and if that's true, I want 2 And uh 1 for my lil homie, he be smokin all night too So I told them niggaz bail and quickly stepped away wit hast You see I know these streetz to well and he was reachin for his waist Oh shit, my battle mode don switched a whole fuckin level Don switched to part 2 that's crooked intentions mixed wit rebel Like tha devil on me, Pookie get control of yoself Cant release Tha Rippla on these niggaz shit they'll be nuthin left You ready? I'm ready aint scared (Hold up)I thought you was ready Naw, you wasnt sayin that shit while ago when you was callin for Mary I bring ya hat to ya nigga, its best you flee out my hood Cause you don fucked up on tha second level motivatal crook Chorus As you enter, yo body shivers, yo brain no longer remembers Who did this to ya, it was Tha Rippla Blank yo picture and left you cold, yo body swoll wit bullet holes, yo eyes are closed, it was Tha Rippla Release yo soul and sides exposed, tha Grim Ripper has come to get cha Now close tha zipper, it was Tha Rippla As you enter, yo body shivers, from this world you've been delivered Who did this to ya, it was Tha Rippla Still chillin peepin tha path in which they fled Notice they took a right didnt them bitches hear what I said They think I'm playin Mr. Pookie finna scene don went cold Now its time for Tha Rippla, I'ma tell you niggaz how I'm gon do it Swift wit big holes We bringin tha big guns artillery u aint gon fade homie Bringin my knife wit my gun fight AK black wit tha blade on it Betta watch out when i spray if only It inhabit yo body wit leg components Take it for granted I'm swearin on it Leavin for crow dead and lonely Now ya tryin to squash tha shit, I don hit yo body, caps wit vengeance Can't nobody get me up off ya nigga, prepare yoself for tha finish I don cut tha nigga I'm rippin take tha confidence from a nigga Left him wit feminine feelings and big bullet holes from Tha Rippla There's a lesson to be learned but its too late for you to see Plus yo homeboy been left and got you alone up in these streetz Mo 3 had to get him at tha point of no return Anger don got tha best of me, now they bodies get burned Chorus [Mr. Pookie] I don dealt away wit a nigga, now its time to flee tha scene Thinkin bout how I left him, face down off in tha crete Lemme fire up this weed, time to calm my fuckin nerves I can feel tha po-po's comin ,hear tha sirens seen a bird Heard, this nigga known for pullin jacks on a nigga But what he didnt know ain nuthin but crooks on Audelia But still you'll be tryin to catch me slippin wit cha crew So I released fire and came back bustin wit my fools Let's even up, fightin we aint deep enough So my niggaz strapped and now they headed toward tha street to bust Ya'll bitches aint seein us, shit I'm bout to blow some mo Bombin on you hataz like tha crisis off in Kosovo Powerful and dont you know I aint that average playa to test And like a rhino I'm jus finna penetrate through yo chest Time to rest and that's for good see No comin back too late to plea Told you bout my motive 3 Dont cross my crooked boundary Chorus

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