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[K-Roc] K-Roc and Pookie bout gon and drop it crooked like we really can Flossin in this bitch and go get funky bout my dividends See I'm gon be tha man, wit tha plan and tha ends Flossin through Dallas, Texas in tha new 2000 Benz Wit some Hen, and a fat sack of Indo, my head is in tha sky I'm gettin high, and wit my kinfolk, see I dont neva choke Cause I been blowin almost everyday, y you askin y? In Junior High, boy I been chiffin hay Now I'm gettin paid and like to blow mo than I used to blow I like em burnin slow, so now I'm off to get some Optimos Nigga, you didnt know, jus how we doin, got yo Auntie, she pursuin Yo lil sister been boo-hooin, and yo gal I been screwin But I'm movin on cause I cant let my paper stop And she dont want me gon, Pookie say they rollin dice blocks from mine Like 2pac on Hennessey, until I pass out Blowin on some green, I cant be seen, up in that glass house, Playa Chorus [x2] Bounce, a Southern Made Playa make tha crowd jus, Bounce And cant nobody do it like we do it in tha South Got everybody talkin cause they know if its clown Your preferably a rival when tha crooks hit yo town [Mr. Pookie] Tired of facin' drama ya'll, watch this playa rip it Wishin life was like a soccer ball, all my fools can kick it Wassup wit it, K-Roc gon and get tha switches from tha track Southern Made, grab tha blade, and split that bitch on down tha back My reaction to tha weed is a calm cool state Like a missle on tha way, I jus cant wait to detonate In tha days of tha Hemingway, rollin lovely blunts Who's to say I saw tha trigga spray, boy we had it krunk Bout to dump, on this niggaz wit tha M1 cock Quick to hit a 2 way stop, wit that 45 beam on top Bodies drop, see me flexin, lil ol Texan, from tha Crook North Dallas off tha hook, bound to leave them bustas shook Peep and look, I stay creased, wit K-Swiss up on my feet Smokin Blacks when it aint no weed, hit this blunt, oh yes indeed I'ma sleep, see passion for these hoes has got cha stronger She dancin and unchancin, that's cause Pookie all up on her Chorus[x2] [Mr. Pookie] Look at cha Southern Made, Playa Laid, back in tha shade Jus Tha Rippla, come to get cha, wit these blunts I'ma blaze And today is jus anotha, like a muthafuckin otha It's not safe stay undercover, get yo paper, fuck tha colors See them bustas, and organize a lick we finsta hit Quick to skeam up on this nigga, out to get that treasure shit That's tha mind of a crook, jus a section in our brain Where we felt like we couldnt have it, so we had to grab it man Who's to blame? my conscience saw tha crooked times we livin in Time to stack some dividends, I'm at tha mall wit plenty ends It's me again, playa of tha year, dark and lovely Makin moves on hoes that love me, gurl stay back if you scrubby And yo hubby, it's best that he stay clear when I'm near Cause that static, cause of fear, me and yo bitch ova hea That's 4 real, so nigga stay back yo gurl has chosen Dont wanna see you get yo face cracked, Pookie has spoken Chorus [til end] ultima melodie muzica straina versuri. Album versurile melodia cuvinte Southern Made Playa ultima melodie cuvintele asculta melodia Mr. Pookie versuri ultima melodie.

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