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[Mr. Pookie] Everyday tight flossin', top villian, I'm livin' Time to get up on tha paper and collect from tha women Slightly pimpin is tha game that I chose, I keeps it real Went to ballin' came wit time, I suppose, you know tha deal Bring my drink so I can chill, and pass me my weed Big Ballin' wit my crooks while I'm bouncin on D's I got tha trees, if need, you playaz smokin or what? O.K. pull up at tha station, I got tha cake in tha trunk [Juiell] We got tha blunts and tha Indo 2 Smokin til my lungs turn blue,come on Come on, now playa whatcha wanna do? Ballin wit half of my crew, come on [Mr. Pookie] Let's throw a party fool, fuck it a Barbeque Invite tha ballaz, tha pimps, playaz and hustlaz 2 Got many hoes to chose, so chose em wisely And jam tha Isleys, how they respond it wont surprise me Chorus: Juiell (x2) Big Ballah, tha game shot calla Everyday top flosser, you need a pound jus holla [Mr. Lucci] Breakin bitches off wit my candy low reclinin' Workin wood Ville flossin off tha pinky diamond Choppin up tha scene when I'm in tha bladed Lexus Knockin niggaz jaws wit TV's and headrests Playin 64's, mobbin on Lorenzo's Lettin these playaz feel when I crawl on Vogue's And keep tha baddest hoes, jockin crooked medallion 5'6 stallion, she black and Italian I'm blowin all tha cake, I'm sippin all while straight I'm travelin to tha pelican state, in new 99 escalade I'm makin these boppers hate, cause crooks be breakin rules I'm dinin on shrimp and steaks, I'm shinin on lakes and pools I'm actin a fuckin fool, bangin my signs slow Screwed out hittin hard, in drop top vinyl volvo My click jus ball hoe, we crooks aint gon eva change Destructed by Mary Jane, while fuckin this rappin' game Chorus [x2]

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