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[Once again my friends and countrymen Lend us your ears and eyes The Showstopper is stupid fresh When will you be satisfied?] Yo, bust it Sandy D. Yo, what's up? Have you ever been to jams when people just stand And they pay to come in, and they don't even dance? They're so uncouth they think they're cute Am I lying? No, it's the truth Right now I'm gonna show you how it's supposed to be Cuz we, the Salt and Pepa MCs Will chance the circumstance rocks your pants My fans, this is called the jam Sandy...What?...Sandy...What? Sandy, we'll be breaking hearts, ya know That's true, it's all about money though But Douglas and Richie won't like it (So?) Come on then, let's stop the show Yo, this beat is stupid fresh Huh, yeah, you know it, cold dissed Doug Fresh Top choice, of course, the rest is Salt Set it off, do it Set it off, do it Set it off, do it Set it off, do it Listen now, I ain't down to rap Are you serious? Just like a heart attack Come on now, Cher! I don't want to Get on now, Cher! Do I have to? Yeah! Well I really don't have too much to say Yo, then here's my story anyway It's just a little somethin' too hot to be missed, girl I was going downtown (What, Cher?), serious Cher took the train home from work Pissed off because of a stain on my shirt The train made a stop (Where?) Two hundred and five And a little soft guy walked inside He wore plastic Bally's and a booty Gucci suit Cracked a little smile and showed a fake gold tooth Was he cute? Negative, he was a dupe Instead of Polo he wore Brute La-di-da-di What? La-di-da-di Uh-huh, word to mother The boy was rude, I didn't approve He tried to make a move I said, Stop it, dude! I started to cuss and began to swear He said, Listen girl, I like the way you comb your hair And I like the stylish clothes you wear Is there something that I can do To show how much I really care? Like when I'm all alone with you My heart just skips a beat or two And you put that fire inside of me That shows it's more than just a dream And I like it, and I like it I said, Please, don't get excited! Don't you know I'm too young for you, mister? Sally from the Valley - she's my sister And that lady you dissed - that was my mother You hurt two of my family, you won't get another He tried to deny it, said it was a lie He wanted to explain, explain to me why I said, Don't bother, there's really no need Sally died when she hit the concrete He said, Come on, you're puttin' me on As I got up to walk he sang this song: Oh, baby please don't go What must I do to show The way I feel for you, girl Is going to be real? But in reality, I know we'll never be Cuz you're still walking away from me A dis, a dis

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