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[Ow, shake it! Yeah, oh, you're lookin' sweet, baby Yes, indeedy Funky (get down)] We was on a dancefloor shakin' our thing To a funky beat with a go-go swing Everyone was watching, they stared in shock Amazed at how Salt and Pepa was rock- In the place with a smile on my face Some got upset and then tried to base They called us nasty, said we danced dirty Claimed we were freaks, cheap, even flirty Pepa got pissed and pulled out a pump I was all set not to jet but to jump Spin broke it up and asked not to break Said, They don't understand the way you... CHORUS Shake your thang, owww Do what you wanna do I can't tell you how to catch a groove It's your thang (It's your thing) Do what you wanna do I won't tell you who to sock it to Shake that thing, c'mon, y'all, shake it We could get loose, but we can't get naked It's not a crime, it's legal, we answered Look again - see? We're just dancin' Relax a bit, now ain't that better? I think it's time for you to get a... Partner, doe-see, gather in closely I wanna see the ones that mostly Front on a cutie, hope you're not fruity Do your duty and... CHORUS Come on, y'all, shake that thing You got to just show no shame I want you to shake that thing Come on, y'all, show no shame Shake your thang, yeah yeah Oh, you're lookin' sweet, baby Owww, I won't tell you how to catch a groove It's my thing, and I'll swing it the way that I feel With a little seduction and some sex appeal It's Friday night, and I just got paid I'm checking out the fella with the high-top fade Moving in closely, ready for the kill Steppin' on a dancefloor, think you're ill But if I guy touch my body I just put him in check I said, We just met, We can't do that yet I'm not a pick-up (no), this ain't a stick up (boy) I'm not stuck up (yeah), and turn to kick up And just rock, baby-pop, don't stop Stick out your butt, and shake what you got CHORUS Oooo, I like hip-hop mixin' with go-go, baby It's my thing, and I shake it crazy Don't try and tell me how to party It's my dance, yup, and it's my body The shirt I wear may be low cut My jeans fit nice, it shows off my butt Designer down from head to toe Oooo, my hair, neck, and fingers is crazy-glow Now please stop blushin', we're just dancing, dummy C'mon, we both know I don't want you for your money Cuz we like to rap so we always rhyme I like to dance, oooo, and I like to grind I like this song, I like this beat I'll see you later, where shall we... CHORUS

Salt N Pepa album descarca album melodia Hip-hop. Versurile Shake Your Thang asculta asculta muzica straina cuvintele mp3 album versuri versuri cantece.

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