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Somebody's knockin' at my door [Yo, yo!] [Who is it?] Somebody's ringin' my bell [Open the door!] [I'm comin'] Somebody's knockin' at my door [Let me in, please] [Damn!] Somebody's ringin' my bell [Come on, baby] It's your man driving to my house every day Trying to get a play but I say no way Keep him on a leash cuz he's a D-O-G Hot-diggity-dog comin' for my coochie Boom-bam-boom, knock-knock-knock Waking up my Moms, waking up my Pops, somebody call the cops And get this fool off my stoop, see Can you believe that your man is a groupie? Not-not dedicated, ought to get him spaded Cut the nuts and get his shots upgraded So what ya feed him at home? It must be bones Give him some meat so he can leave me alone He's a somma time man, so what ya gonna do? Like Eddie Murphy said, Yes, your man, too CHORUS He's a somma time man, some of hers, some of mine He's a somma time man, get ya some of the time He's a somma time man, some of yours, some of mine He's a somma time man all year 'round (repeat) Now here's a description of the (nigga) that I'm dissin' If your man fits this category then dismiss him You gotta dig him, get rid of him, have no pity for him Send him on his way, yeah, girl, and forget about him He's got a problem, and it's similar to drugs Not weed, cocaine, crack or dud, it's an erection, huh He's a mission, a sexual transition Addiction, affliction, so girls, sign the petition He's a man that likes easy pickin' Thinking that every girl is like easy stickin' You gotta realize that girls are not store-bought Like Newports, a pack of cigarettes smoked to the butt So now I know that what I know I know is now true You're being true to lovin' a brother that's not with you You wanna bootie smack from the back But if you come like that you might catch a Diggum smack He's a somma time man [Yo, this is dedicated to all you somma time fools And you know who you are Sometimes you will, sometimes you won't Now you see 'em, yo, now you don't 1993, you know what I'm sayin'? It's time to be true to the paid Cuz this AIDS thing's goin' crazy So don't you ain't throw it out there, baby] CHORUS He's a somma time man, a summer somma time Especially when it's hot sex is always on his mind Lookin', dippin' and dog your short skirts, no stockings No matter who it is, long as he's boot-knockin' ??? ??? La-di-da-di all the way to ? Runnin' through girls like it's musical punanee So come one, come all, he try to right you all With that greater than Tibet-time free-fall Talking that same old same lame ??? Diggity-yack cat brother talking that bullcrap But everytime he parts his lips It's funny because I always seems to smell his (shit) From June, July, August, September All year-round so girls, just remember CHORUS

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