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Versuri A Salt With A Deadly Pepa

I'm Salt here to resource so start steppin' When me and my homegirl Pepa start pepperin' Try and dis the girls, try to stand tall shorty The girls got naughty - we went Top Forty Call in the troops, we're comin' out blazin' Ill if you will there ain't no savin' The queens have been ordained You can't play me boy, I'm no game It takes two to dance so c'mon let's tango Us on the mics and y'all on the dance floor It's a Salt and Pepa affair, yeah Never ever no static, beats will come out clear Title after title we take Rack 'em up we're gonna tally 'em And when we're done you're gonna need a valium To calm your nerves, after I bomb your nerves The quiet comes after the storm is heard And I'm stormin' long and strong, I can't go wrong Watch me get into this rap song Like a river I flow into the mic I'll blow Make sure it's on as Spinderella drops the beats so

Hip-hop ultima melodie ultima melodie A Salt With A Deadly Pepa Salt N Pepa album melodia muzica straina. Cuvintele cantece melodiei piesa versuri asculta melodiei versuri cuvinte.

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