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Uh, come on, uh Come on, uh, yeah Uh, if ya want some, come and get some Chorus (2x): Well it's silly of you (To think that I) Would ever take a dive (Can I keep it live) And if you think you're qualified (To speak on this) (Well that's illy of you) Just plain silly of you Sandra Pepa Denton: We be the queens from Queens, the original tag team We've been to all the places, that you only seen in your dreams I earned the dough, the record label, houses, the cars Jiggy at the party baby, got the champagne and the ha-ha Pray that we fade to black We attack the traps, and make your knees collapse But once again, lend me your ears countrymen Ever since, The Showstopper, boostin' up the dividends And, I thought you knew we had mass appeal Bustin' lyrics like steel, no matter who's keepin' it real From coast to coast, we rock the past to the future (Right) Now pass the mic, and me rock the way that I used to Who's hottest female to ever touch the apparatus Evidently it's the Pep, cuz Salty is the baddest I don't recommend that you test the untestable Hey, nowadays we try to keep it all respectable, word Chorus (2x) Blue Denim: That's right, y'all know me, it's Kimmy Cat from Queens Sometimes I, hang around with the S and P I came to, tell ya about this new slick lightplate Blue Denim got the ven to make an MC sick Pep to my left, right side big sis Hey, let me get them keys To the crib and Lexus, step to this And I know some cats livin' down in Texas S and P and B.D. on the V.I.P. guest list Who rocks the most Highpost, now from the gate They take me to my destiny Never get the best of me, you stressin' me Testin' me, like I'm-a take a dive I keep it live, and you ain't even qualified Chorus (2X) Sandra Pepa Denton: The headliners, big-timers, I've got the details Hold the press, do you detest rap's hottest females Big Pepa, hotstepper, take a dive, never No sleep, we never rest, the best keep gettin' better Cheryl Salt James: Salty that's me, sexy, don't envy Trendsetter, go-getter, Miss Originality Opposition dissin', our desire paid From the cradle to grave, I know the tricks of the trade Sandra Pepa Denton: Back in the days, at shows we used to hook 'em MC's we shook 'em And if you came with some beef Your man we took him Cheryl Salt James: Now who got the flow (The flow that I gotta go) Guy professionals Guy grip like the mic Like, ooh, I got testicles Blue Denim: I be the sugar showin', showin' Don Juan Pong Like the needle on a record when it plays a song You know my girls sold out, no doubt, every arena We stake the funky divas, shout out to all believers We paint the town, hang around clubs that we maxed And when we in the studio, Salt's waxin' the tracks Sandra Pepa Denton: A bunch of thoroughbreds Rockin' G's and Pro Keds And true blue, I thought you knew Official queens redheads (Salt and Pepa) Chorus (2x) Salt N Pepa muzica straina mp3 Silly Of You Hip-hop cantece asculta. Mp3 cuvintele cuvinte piesa mp3 versuri versuri cuvintele versurile cuvinte.

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