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I'm your honey-dipper so you say, you know Then you react and attack every flirt and ho But oh, no - you gots to go now, bro To and fro, unh-unh, no more So just walk out the door and be out like Margetta I've been through this before, but now I think I better Kick ya to the curb cuz this hurts, word You dis and wanna kiss? Now that's absurd Yo, Spinderella ain't the kind type to be pulled down, ya know Before I go out I go blow-for-blow So tell those hos that sittin' there waitin' by the phone That they can have you cuz you's gone CHORUS All you gotta do is just step-step Me and you, we're through so just step-step All you gotta do is just step-step I hate to be ya I'm not the one to be gone You better go out and get someone else, hon Who can eat your lies when you feed it to her And take that little thumb when you give me to her Cuz you was packin' now you're lackin' You used to be stackin' when you was the mackin' But that's alright, it's a small thing, a small thing A two-minute brother, girls, I stress a small thing Yo, back to the track in the matter I don't need to see you think you're all of thatta Regardless of you my purse and pockets will be fatter I leaved ya flat, I leave ya flat, I left ya flatter CHORUS I wouldn't take ya back if ya paid me It was so sweet, oh no, I can't believe ya played me I'll admit you pulled it off kinda well But guess what? I did it, too, so what the hell? You reap what you sow, you know, you know how that go I know you're kinda shocked, but it was you who showed me so Swallow your pride, take it in, be a man I understood, now you understand That the minute you started showing me neglect Is the same minute I started feeling the effect Why I held it in I didn't wanna accept That it could be over just for cheap sex Experience is what we need to learn from I know we all made mistakes, but you're a big one So to the lucky man who's up next Either treat me right or just step (step-step) CHORUS

Step melodia piesa versuri descarca muzica straina Salt N Pepa. Cantece Hip-hop muzica album descarca cantece versuri.

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