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Huh! What do you think when you smile into my eyes You say that you like me but I know that's one of your lies My love is abused my compassion misused Cause I am too kind to despise, oh no You hear me you see me and use me but you neglect You like having me on your tail and show me your back Why do we praise an illusion of grace I know the way to survive Standing to fight the love that misguides The steel church is the savior of life [Chorus] Take me - take me to a church that accepts my hate Take me - take me to a church of steel on steel Take me - take me to a world I can lose my grace Take me - take me to a hell of steel on steel Maybe I`m evil but I take every chance When I can get more there's no time to waste for romance Show me how to maltreat to lie and to cheat To fight steel on steel Out of the light into the night That is what I wanna feel Much too long I really have been to kind Can`t you tell me why could I be so blind [Repeat * Solo: Both * Repeat]

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