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[Music: Sammet & Ludwig / Lyrics: Sammet] He was born into this world Living love but he got hurt And he sighed when he beheld The bleeding lamb Blood and tears drip on the ground Dung the olives on the mount Love is crucified, made way For the greed of man There's no way out of here No we don't, don't wanna take it no more No we don't, don't wanna wait forever Golden dawn, a new age has begun Golden dawn, in every single one Don't you run away, don't say it's all too late Start to ring in the age... The golden dawn Killing brothers, sick ideals, TV-Show lie and reveal Poor philistine reasons why to hate a man It's so easy to give in, do your dirty trick and win Join those lemmings to the shore and fly but then Don't complain if you'll drown in the end Kill to eat, when you're the final one There's no one to compete Then find the time to think of a... [repeat chorus] [solo: Dirk/Jens/Dirk/Jens/Both] [repeat chorus]

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