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[music & lyrics: Tobias Sammet & Jens Ludwig] Crying on the pyre, feelin' all so strange When you took my mind to deteriorate, told Me that you like me, atrocious and deterrent Lies, you showed me how it is to suffer hate Celebrate my funeral, vultures on my corpse Ashes to ashes - me to hell, you think I could Be dug alive, but you never knew, you're just Too deaf to hear my forces yell All your mind is full of hate, you hold the link To seal my fate, I stare into the light Now you'll try to burn me, inquisition in our Time, but I'll tell you what I am Burning like a frozen candle Burning like a frozen candle I can still remember when you called the reaper Told him how to unlock my door, sleepers Nights, evil dreams, faces in the window Voices that I've never heard before

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