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I can't feel, and I can't see I'm falling down what's going on with me Lord in heaven why am I here Do I live to rise or rise to fall to shed another tear One more time I fell that I'm alone I can't describe it cause it's better to be shown Feel the darkness covering the spite Hear me screaming when it's pounding deep inside Forever I'll be a poisoned thorn I'll be haunting among your lives The moment I was born it was time for him to rise [Chorus] Deadmaker, deadmaker Why don't you realize That he can paralyze you all [Repeat] My sorrow created by you And even me cause I'm a self-destroying fool I feel the spirit growing deep inside I don't expect your comprehension Cause even I don't know why [Repeat Solo: Both Repeat]

Album melodia versuri melodiei melodia melodia cuvinte muzica muzica straina. Piesa Deadmaker cuvinte Edguy versurile cuvintele descarca versuri.

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