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Versuri How Many Miles

[music & lyrics: Tobias Sammet & Edguy] Oh yeah... Watching a face and a smile and a light When you`re walking alone in the street I know your look always gives you the might Many miles from your ass to your feet And I dream- what I`ve seen Is what I want it to be - selfmade reality How many miles to the gate of reality How many steps left to go to my dreams How many miles to the land where my dreams come true Dreams which come true just have died Look like a queen but you talk like a pawn And I know you`re a fool in disguise Godfather tell me how to carry on Blinded by fantasies of lies And I dream- what I`ve seen Is what I want it to be - selfmade reality I see your smile, a golden masquerade And I know my dream will be my fate Time has stolen my fantasy Cause it has become a pale reality

Versurile versuri melodiei melodiei album cantece versurile cantece. Album descarca versuri How Many Miles mp3 muzica straina melodiei cantece Edguy.

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