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[Music & Lyrics: Sammet] Sun going down, she opens her eyes It's dark in the belfry and cold Whispers of rain, wind in the sky So long it's been all she's been told Dream child, you're all alone Roaming though the night Scream child, lost and ashamed For all the tears you cry You're a child in sadness A chessboard nightmare to go Hear that silent symphony Calling you up to the shore and you'll see us As we sail away, moonstruck and astray We're fallen angels We're the scary tale to scare your mind away From fallen angels [solo: Both] So many days wasted in haze You're free, oh so free on their strings Illusions of life, they say you can fly They laugh and they cut off your wings Night child, they give you steel And make you believe that it's gold Lies child, all that you're told Is just what you shall know When they 'know' we are evil We're strangers And danger and fire, The dark and the light We are eyes in the night Lost souls' they curse For we've found it inside - oh [repeat chorus] [solo: Jens] Ohhh, yeah... [solo: Jens/Both] When they say you're a fossil When their eyes nail you to the cross Take their curse and join our way Welcome my frien on the ship of the damned - oh [repeat chorus]

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