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Versuri Sacred Hell

[music & lyrics: Tobias Sammet] Ravens in the air, noone in the streets Seems like the fiend he must be back Riding on his horse but also flying in the iar Love has just started to crack - ow Whisplash and torture, falseness and pain Envy is driving our hate Everything out there is mad and confused Till we'll be able to seal each others fate Staring through eyes of hate and able to kill We don't realize we've been given our own Fuckin' will, like animals humans don't think Don't look for a reason, we hate no style We put the blame on the demon Sacred hell, sacred hell There is nothing but names on the wall You can be free, you can reach tomorrow Sacred hell, sacred hell So the fend must be back on our ball Lose all your sins, lose all your sorrows No lucid intervals, no people who guide But a 1000 Masters of disguise Eternal damnation 'cause humans they hide They think that satan shall rise

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