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Twenty four and he believes for Sure heæ¯ got it made Fame is here for good and Looks will never fade He doesnæ° know The game is never over æill The cards have all been played Eighty three and still he feels His best is yet to come He believes that youth is Wasted on the young Heæ¯ alone The only dream he ever has Is being with someone Love you when your standing tall But nobody knows you when your falling All you have to do is call But nobody ever hears the silent scream Christmas came and went again But still nobody came Staring at her wedding photo in a frame Sheæ¯ alone We should hope the loss of memory Helps to ease the pain Chorus Memories, moments you recall We should be remembered for the Greatest of them all You canæ° begin to live someone Elseæ¯ life Or youæ®e own will pass you by Oh, whoæ¯ to know Maybe we can learn a thing or Two from everyone Chorus

Melodia ultima melodie Silent Scream cantece mp3 descarca versuri cuvinte melodia. Melodia versuri muzica straina album Richard Marx melodiei.

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