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Your situationæ¯ in need of help Youæ®e gettin?so you donæ° know yourself You wear his ring like a cheap disguise But I can see you got wandering eyes Donæ° believe itæ¯ just the clothes that make the man No one else can love you like I know I can I got what you want Takes more than money to turn you on I got what you need Cæ¦on baby take a chance on me Somethin?æ´out your smile seems counterfeit It ainæ° in you to be a hypocrite So heæ¯ got a mansion, got lots of cash You live like a queen but feel like trash I can save you if you put your heart in mine Baby, canæ° you see, weæ®e two of the same kind, yeah Chorus Baby, there ainæ° nothin?keeping chains on you Donæ° you let your head make up your mind I canæ° get you off my mind Iæ¦ afraid I may go blind Wonæ° you let me take you for a ride, yeah

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