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Versuri Heaven only knows

I watch the world go round and round And my life goes by at the speed of sound I walk the night And I wonder just where I belong, oh My heart is young, but my soul is old I've never been one to do what I was told My back to the wall Is the only place I can feel strong, oh Chorus Heaven only knows what lies before me Heaven only knows what all my searching is for All my life I've waited for a miracle But I can't ask for anything more I like to think I'm a faithful man To resist desire, and do all I can I hope to die in the arms of the woman I love, oh Repeat Chorus I've always wondered how to know right from wrong Looking for a reason to replace what is gone But somehow the road just seems to lead right back to me Repeat Chorus

Cuvintele Richard Marx versurile melodia cuvintele cuvintele melodia muzica straina versuri versuri. Heaven only knows cantece versurile.

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