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Versuri Waiting On Your Love

Music by Richard Marx Lyrics by Fee Waybill How long is it s'posed to take Which song got the answer straight I thought I sang 'em all What face am I gonna make Which leg to I have to break To know I took the fall It's like I'm standing on the edge of madness Save me from crossing that line Sure that I'll never come back Chorus With the dawn, life goes on How long can I keep waiting on your love Hold my breath, give me strength How long can I keep holding on How long can I keep waiting on your love True love is a funny thing Too much for a diamond ring To guarantee applause Too late when you have to guess Which joke's taken as tenderness Penny for your thoughts Just like I'm hanging off the edge of madness Stop me from falling so far How can you let me let go Chorus I keep every moment frozen in time And if they're all I get, I'll be cold the rest of my life Chorus piesa Waiting On Your Love Versuri muzica straina muzica piesa Richard Marx versuri asculta descarca descarca.

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