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When you woke up this morning On your front lawn You had a smile on your lips and Your wallet was gone You remember some girl But the rest is all a blur Well you're not the first one to fall under Her spell I know dozens of guys who've been there As well They've got scars to show And they owe 'em all to her. Chorus: That was Lulu Did she fool you? That was Lulu That ain't legal That ain't voodoo That was Lulu Well Lulu's got charms that money can't buy And she's made her reputation Making strong men cry All the victims may change But there stories are the same Lulu's there whey your airplane Just happens to crash Still she walks away without even a scratch Leaving in flames But she never leaves her name Chorus: And I know what I'm talking about I saw it all from the start Long before she started running around Who do you think ran away with my heart That was Lulu Chorus

Richard Marx ultima melodie cuvintele mp3 cantece. Muzica straina That Was Lulu cuvinte versuri versuri album melodia mp3 descarca cuvintele.

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