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There was nothing missing, It was just a case of foolishness Girl, I mustæ³e been crazy Something I would just as soon forget I can only say Iæ¦ sorry and Leave it up to you to say the rest If you want to go, Girl I wonæ° stand in your way But Iæ£l stand by you if you Decide you want to stay Baby, donæ° you see Doesnæ° have to be forever or goodbye All Iæ¦ asking for is one more try Iæ¦ the one who hurt you, Still I know the pain youæ®e going through And even if you show forgiveness, There may be too much damage to undo I hear these voices telling me Not to give up on you Chorus My heart and soul are searching Trying to find a way To bring your love back to me Still I hear these voices telling me to not give up on you Chorus

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