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Nothing worth a damn Can be sifted through the brain Sense donât make the man But you insist on being sane Donât take time to think Or youâre done before you start Thereâs no missing link Cause itâs right there in your heart Take a closer look, Thereâs an answer not a question In that May-December line Youâll bite a bigger hook Than the one you want to leave behind Remember Manhattan Woody wasnât wrong Remember Manhattan Before you say so long How you gonna tell If it stands the test of time Thereâs no wishing well That comestrue without the dime Itâs a common curse That the grass is always greener No matter what you have But nothing could be worse Than to try to reproduce the past Remember Manhattan Woody wasnât wrong Remember Manhattan Before you say so long Remember Manhattan What did Woody say He said, Remember Manhattan Before you walk away Lose your common sense âCause you may not get the chance again Chorus out

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