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Versuri Quest For Fire (featuring Solitair)

[Kardinal Offishall] Yes I see how you are smiling in my face you know what I'm saying Settin' fire to my back, I see that you know what I mean I love it though, I love it, you know what I'm saying My enemies make me stronger, hahahahahahaha Well I'm on a mission Van Gogh your ass, so y'all listen Nigga, there ain't no fire if we don't start the ignition Throw some bullets at your feet Show you what ya missing, listen I hope for black love without wishing I murder the track and go neck to neck without kissing I'm ducking from the wack flows, calling it dis-missing Big money in the hook, cats is loot fishing Nigga's adding ones like they was mathematicians Four plus y'all equals more without addition, listen Cooking up plans in a da kitchen Too many chefs leads to nuff cats bitching Love in a we face behin' we back yuh teet' kissin Whether you're garbage or not is not my decision Before you check it deep, you have to make the incision Nuff cats are slated for great things But if yuh nuh lick shot for love Well den murda we bring Murdaaaaaaah... CHORUS [Saukrates & Kardinal] We see you crab rappers everyday Praying for a shot to be lead astray We buss back with the love attack And add fuel to the fire, fire, fire, fire We see you crab rappers everyday Praying for a shot to be lead astray We buss back with the love attack And add fuel to the fire, fire Come and see me nigga! [Solitair] I was charged for murdering the track without touching Filling the track with hot lead without bussin' No discussion nigga talk without fussing But F---, I ain't answering another damn question It's just a matter of telecommunication Freaking the three bands of frequencies, frequently I frequently gather frequent flyer miles I be freaking the same chick that you're admiring The same G, ask them niggas around me The P maybe free, but my tracks cost money I might talk funny, but this nigga is no dummy Now cough up my dough before I have to call Sunny Switch switchblades, to switch hand grenades I switch when a bitch nigga misses my payday y'all are concurring, when I'm running in succession Quick to flow whenever the mic is in session CHORUS [Kardinal Offishall] For crying out loud, you get hard knock detention Your outside is smiling, but what's your intention F a judge and stil get an honourable mention Tell ya peace and love without both my fists clenching Raps with real flows real re-invention Chat on wicked tracks, add new dimensions New cliques, gang bang causing old tensions Niggas in the streets with swords like street fencing For these record labels nuff rap cats is Benson From these old street cats, I took a lesson Never like groupie hoes hanging in my session Rolling over weak cats in one succession Who's up next, we got nuff headz guessing Brothers feel the heat without Smith or Wesson Wrote the blue prints nigga, why you testing The dot when it's obviously us who's best and shit CHORUS X2

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