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Versuri On Wid Da Show

It was a cool and lonely Offishall style that coerced her to smile Chalk another to the file Quest for breasts, my intent to impress the mistress So cess broke the ice like Gretzky I told she give me your signiture or number Slumber could follow if I check you tomorrow Who, ate, simply went to my date's Now my belles apparel, why spoil the king's night Eat chicken at 3 and the skin at 4 o'clock Who, again I reach the girl's door Just call me FT cause her birthday suit is sore Hit the floor in a hearts swift motion Lotion the skin and like caress all me In the cup, arm in the cup Hittin that spot that's g You know I do your head sheet That the hit was a nap and the biggest ever sold Took 5 minutes for the cannon to explode She said do you love me and I said no The she slapped my face I grabbed her and said ho Do that again and the story gets told To stick it in was nice, but yo I'll get more Cause Offishall's out for mine and then some I hit some and leave some then on wid da show word up CHORUS (2x) One for the money and two is for my clothes And three is for the calls, pause And four is for the trick and stuff Wanna bang with us and the game for the dough Yo on wid da show I knew this girl named Susan Fly skin from the islands And Trini who always had a dress that's cut mini And tempt to get praise and so the skin lay low And only playin hostess when niggas got dough One day I see her rollin with these niggas that I knew Walkin through the downtown about a half past 2 So I warn my niggas word up she livin foul She just smiled and said 'Yo nigs yo know my style' Who, eh was that John young He took her to the palace his moms was not home She undressed herself to reveal the unresistable Coca-cola body while he bobbin like motorola 38-32-46 my my my Only problem was she wouldn't spread her thighs Said I need a hundred, my nigga said well Just suck up on my jewels until my headpiece swell Yo she said do you love me and he said no This queen got dressed he grabbed her and said ho Do what you do but no (?) will flow Nice try, on the real niggas only make dough Yo on wid da show CHORUS (2x) Now to my uptown rollers, go and get yours If your sippin over proof inside a Lex Coupe Shotgun, whats up with them niggas that passed Real gs make peace and get pieces that last (on the real) On the real I ain't about bustin steel Praise the almighty I won't sway not even slightly Give thanks for my life and for my boys And for my blood For all them true heads that make noise While niggas pose hard we do the Kardinal dance While you're still leavin a jam with your hands inside your pants Kardinal Offishall will do it for you broke Yo, cause one's for the money and we on wid da show You didn't think so CHORUS (3x)

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