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Versuri Friday Night

It's why I look baby Sup potna, you know the sauve dogs up on this joint Through with the talkin but we all steady prepared in our circle for conversation Many things, sauve and butter This FOS type thing the circle Remain tight like last night you know what We up on this [2x] When I say Kardinal you say niggas, niggas Kardinal (niggas, niggas) Kardinal (niggas, niggas) [2x] When I say Offishall you say get it, get it Offishall (get it, get it) Offishall (get it, get it) Everytime [8x] Kardinal (niggas, niggas) Offishall (get it, get it) [4x] Say what (what) Say what, what (what, what) [4x] Kardinal (niggas, niggas) Offishall (get it, get it) CHORUS [2x] It was a Friday night And the ladies was lookin And the niggas was trippin And the niggas was dippin And the circle's on the beat (say what) And the circle's on the beat (let's do it) [2x] When I clak, clak you niggas reload it Clak, clak (reload) Clak, clak (reload) [2x] When I say richie you say make that Richie (make that) Kardinal Richie (make that) Kardinal CHORUS [2x] Yall fools don't know How we go in T dot O ha ha ha, ha ha ha Can you do Kardinal, Offishall

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