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INTRO [Kardinal Offishall] Yeah Turn my headphones up Yeah, yeah yeah Yeah, feeling kind of sick though Yeah, now I'mma kick this Uh huh, uh huh uh huh DJs, cut this back to back Word, Circle Silver House And the Girl, Figure IV Head nod, yeah y'all know [Kardinal Offishall] Yo that kid nice Where he from though? T-dot (ohhh) Where the ice at? Oh I see underground emcee Nah, but he nice though He flip that shit twice though, he sounding like (who?) Nah, it a must that he bust you (fo' real) He be eating that mic though Ever see the way he flows and tears down the show (Fo' real), he clever Never sever the Ever from fresh when he spits, everything's a hit He got skills like Mad and the Superfriends When he does a duo, it comes out like a crew track, he's so wicked Cooler than Ice Cube, Mack more than 10 at one time Like Choclair he's a Virgin to the wack rhyme It's true (fo' real) Got a Blueprint like Thrust, said he's notorious And watch the hit bust all over the country (fo' real) Even on BET, ask Tigga about them niggas with that Northern Touch beat they was playing No playing, that nigga with the afro That's right, tight and rocks crowds all night (word) Style like no other tall brother on your FM dial My nigga kip-ki-kip-ki-Kardinal You know CHORUS [little girl singing] He once was a thug from around the way He once was a thug from around the way He once was a thug from around the way He once was a thug from around the way [Kardinal Offishall] Check it A dis ain't a dis if a dis has discrepancies I dismiss your dissidences and doubt your intelligence And discuss how disjoint your disc From the dispatch, a distance throw all y'all from shit that's wack Steady disguising your disfavour, disliking my steelo Dis ain't kindergarten, you don't have to go where we go Discipline yourself before your ego disappears While I discretely disassemble you from your career Stupid! Dis is not your ordinary rapper dis Dis so all you niggas discover just who the dapper is Causing discomfort, disallowing your dis-jock to rock Any record 'cause your whole sound's flop, yo Dis is going out to niggas who dis without Thinking about what the hell they doing, yo your shit we're booing Oh... while I discombobulate you This is going out to any nigga opposing my crew Like that Yo, Silver House And the Girl 2000 Kardinal Offishall, in your ear side, nawmean CHORUS

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