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Versuri Breakdown (Keep Moving) (featuring Denosh)

[Kardinal Offishall] I just started, just finished Lyrics complete the circle of a rap singer Combine with feeling mean and plus a reason And to rock it for the season And niggas on the lookout Take away your strips of General status, baddest Always move them anyways Creep only when I attack my rap squad are fake Gods Faker than their tongue, strung out From the tongue out bring out fraudulence To the audience 'cause they are conveyors of pestilence Maintenance is heaven sent (sense) The pretense, I blow up to create a science based on reliance In fact, you will agree, that it is to be a real emcee Such as he who's I, clear the third eye to reveal I I remain the high emcee, the Kardinal, Mr. Ritchie Niggas in control over and above thee Took the lyricy, for I will be the nigga to lead The sea of lost souls to see the light Forever in the night time Write rhymes, lock lines, lyrical stop signs Making mental envision the precision and quick to descend The decision, is yours I go on the drink Coors And rock encores for packed floors, yo We keep moving CHORUS [Denosh] (Saukrates-background) Keep on moving (keep moving, don't stop (don't stop it) Keep rocking (keep rocking y'all) Keep on moving (keep moving, don't stop (don't stop it) Keep rocking (keep rocking y'all) [Kardinal Offishall] On some new stuff The native son like Richard Pryor 'Cause we move ta, your expeditions must be tight I light a torch and look at a tunnel 'Cause brothers are after what they can see So when I make your moves, yo they be after me And my entourage, will flexes connects your mind With a cause, some will kill for a yard Hard is the state of my people nowadays Slinging rock can change a man's mind many ways When are you seen as a dollar for a killing Killing for a dollar is as easy as the rhyme scheme of Top Billin' Making a million itch, a billion itch Where niggas they be building itch, to chill and itch For the future, the new world order I'm showing you that I will be ordering itch Inside the new world, doing what I got to do to make Brown for my seeds I will bleed before a man tries to make a step outta me Function on higher levels like a Shoalin Priest on Hydro I can see time flies yo So when we making moves, you either with me Yo what skills you lack so weak niggas step back and keep moving CHORUS In the midst like Betty Crocker, once said by God's son Twice spoken by Kardinal, ooh, check how I flow So many niggas up inside the Circle without purpose, singing with the F To the train trying to fat up their purses Prophecy disperses like some oil inside of water Niggas prepare of the slaughter, overseen like a father ?????? like a white collar crime Up in the blue collar world That's why I wear a mandarin to avoid the sin Niggas of the F.O.S., we the monopoly The Trivial Pursuit of making loot, they never stopping me But one day I will make a G, times I buy another G Mr. Super road in life, manager troop Back with the Figures Of... I'm hailing up the fifty herbs, stale in the house And some people think it's shitty that I rock and it's a pity You know the busi-ness, while I'm riding in my auto breathing L and drinking Guinness Keep moving CHORUS X2 [Saukrates] I got honeys in the room getting it on And they ain't leaving 'til six in the morning T-dot O-dot Feel it, uh Here we here we here we go

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