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[Kardinal Offishall] Alright Yo, I'm bust I'mma kill it, I'mma kill it Here we go here we go Yo My flow is like a cock block for your whole label street team My verse is like a hearse for your marketing scheme My whole steez nigga please, put the mic down Talking 'bout you represent, when you embarrassing your town Walking around with the Gay Pride parade crown Silicone raps underneath that pink gown Posing as a killer when you living as a clown Entertaining A&R's too deaf to hear the sound You a has-been rapper, talking 'bout your style's nice Saying I'm independent now, looking for a new life A weak DJ, living off of 80's fame Guess starring in the Basement, living off of Tigga's name My name's Kardinal, the pearl mic dark figure Diploma type thoughts mixed up with street niggas Living underground trying to earn the pop loot 'Cause I won't sell crack and got no aim to shoot No patience for the weed, not quick enough to tief Can't pimp, don't like fur coats or gold teeth But I can rock the hell out of a fat ass beat I might smile, up in your face and then jack your S-P CHORUS 1 [Kardinal Offishall] {CMD} Yo, I'm ill to the 7th degree T-dot represent, ya hearing me {Go ahead den} Yo, I'm the nicest rapper dapper With flows you don't know, how a firestarter go {Go ahead den} Yo, lick two, chart off in the sky A make way when I'm stepping in the room {Go ahead den} Yo eff rappers, I'm the hardest thing on two feet Yo, listen to me, ya not zeen {Well go ahead den} [Kardinal Offishall] Yo, my rhymes are FedEx covered in latex Delivered to your Jubby, my charms tribes quest for hot sex No bust for the next can protect It's when the I drop, the niggas saying 'what?' And the skins are saying wet wet wet wet wet I'm dripping in 'nuff girls, and missing what we trying to say But talking about a revolution, end up talking about the day When they can feel a rapper's privates, I'm looking for your mind But I'm seeing all your titties and a big round behind Oh damn girl, you make think 'bout selling out But oops, your weave just fell out Ha ha I'm straight from the place that first brought you Vince Carter The story of Hurricane, and imported sugar cane And snappy pop coming out three for a dollar What, Peter loves who? Yo don't bother to hail it up In the streets where we meet 'cause you might get beat And find your head caught between timbos and concrete And that's real, a lot of ignorant peeps around the way Ain't trying to bend over to the madness of the day But do what to do and yo who am I to say I just want your records sales anyway You see me CHORUS 2 [Kardinal Offishall] {CMD} Someone kill to try and come up with the things that I say I'm a bad mother-yo {Go ahead den} I'm too fresh like Guess-V, in a special way (special way) But everyday {Go ahead den} ** scratched by DJ Tracks ** [Kardinal Offishall] Yo yo I'm kick another one, another one for the mic, know what I'm saying Yo, I'm rolling through my hood system waking up the neighbours Hell yeah, I know it's wrong but I gotta pump my song Heavier rotation than Sisqo and Thong Song I'm the perfect combination of Einstein and Long Dong Silver Up in one, kick real raps for fun I'm the black anti-Babylon, rapping shogun I try not bus' until I'm sure she cum If I get a little hit, check I out the whole long My tongue is like an instant check for 7-0's Write about this, rhyme something about the hoes Anyways I try to uplift, but not too serious yet Because too much to say makes a negro's a threat So we talk about sex and promote the drug game Even though we know it's wrong, we just trying to make a name Cha, I'm trying to get my Mom's out the ghetto And you would too if you could flow, stupid! CHORUS 1 ** scratched by DJ Tracks ** [KO] DJ Tracks

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