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Versuri Playing With Fire

Hey, you got the look of a lonely woman's eyes, what'cha thinking when you're standing so close to me? Ain't no law says a man can't fantasize, there's a secret locked up in you tight Ooh! I'd love to turn the key. Whoah, playing with fire...fighting my desire, baby... conscience is a liar. Oh, Lord, have mercy on the shameless sinner...! ...walking on a wire, now I...I face the crucifier, What'cha doin' to me? Live by rules made up by society, but I guess I must have missed Election day 'cause so much about you looks so good to me, yeah! for what I'm thinking I could go to jail, but some laws are born to break... ...stakes are getting higher, now I... ...I think I'm losin' it...

Muzica Richard Marx ultima melodie album versurile muzica album versurile cuvintele versuri. Playing With Fire muzica straina versurile ultima melodie cuvintele ultima melodie melodiei versuri.

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