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Itâs a peaceful thing To know that freedom as a rule belongs to me Thereâs something very wrong When the color of a man Is all you see After all this time How can a single voice explain Any reason for the pain we all have seen Itâs not a dream Chorus One man stood tall And faced the devil with his back to the wall And took one step Closer to Heaven above So he took a stand And walked where no one else would dare to even try It was the only way If not for bravery The soul would surely die Right before my eyes, he gave his life unselfishly So that all the fatherâs children could be free Like you and me Repeat Chorus Before his work is done Weâve got to put an end to this game of Choosing sides I want us to be one And I wonât let it go Till itâs over Iâm here waiting Repeat Chorus melodia versuri One Man versuri mp3 Richard Marx melodia melodia muzica straina. Piesa piesa piesa cuvintele

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