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Versuri Nothing Left Behind Us

You never know what we could be in store for The way it goes, we're in for more of the same One step beyond the flame The thread of life The finely woven pattern Reveals designs in silent laughter and rhyme One picture at a time Chorus There ain't nothing left behind us Not a doubt inside us If the angel calls tomorrow There's nothing we haven't said There ain't nothing left behind us Nothing but a blind trust I would beg, steal or borrow To never lose you again. It's down to us to figure out the secret It's not enough to wait for pieces to fall The writing isn't on the wall Take my hand, We'll face the fire together To distant lands, but we can weather the storm Keeping each other warm Repeat Chorus Bridge There's never been an easy way Everybody is bound to make mistakes You just do what you think is right Then laugh till you cry Till you scream at the night. Repeat Chorus Richard Marx versuri Nothing Left Behind Us cuvintele muzica straina melodiei descarca versuri mp3 melodiei.

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