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from Home Again .............................................. Would you like meet in Soho? This is David I don't know Just talk of how New York has been Yes its easy to imagine I've healed a lot since then I think that we could walk away as friends Chorus Its a clear reception Its a long connection And its all the way across this might ocean I could be there by your night Which is my morning Right now I'm still at Heathrow at the gate Yes of coarse I bragging But didn't it sound great To fly across the ocean for a dinner date Chorus Sure I've been in town before But never quite so quickly And never from a place so far away But if this color carbon ticket Says that I can fly the ocean Well maybe I can think of what to say Chorus Its flight 715 Nine thirty But I won't be through with customs Until ten OK TWA I'll be flying over ocean until then Chorus (repeat) .............................................. é David Wilcox, all rights reserved

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