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from Turning Point .............................................. Time, this time finally the moment is mine The crowd is wowed I'm walkin' to the cannon so proud The cannon fills the spotlight so shot me to the view My heart packed full of dynamite so I will fall for you, all for you, baby See this is your big top baby and you've got all your clowns around you too I can hear that drumroll baby and that means that the torch is to the fuse Love, true love I can feel it when I'm high above but I fall, that's all I'm your human cannonball Always dreamed of flyin' and now the dream comes true I'm not afriad of dyin' so I will fall for you, all for you, baby This is your big top, baby Yeah you've got all your clowns around it's true Why are you just smilin' at me fallin' Oh maybe this is keeping you amused I was the one you wanted If i could stay that high If I could burn my sorrow like it was fuel to fly The sound comes 'round now I wake up with my ear to the ground I rise surprised so this is how a fool gets wise, oh I'm gonna leave your three-ring-circus I was a fool to fall I'm gonna leave your three-ring-circus your human cannonball .............................................. Γƒ‚©1995 Midnight Ocean Bonfire Music/Nine-Ten Music, a division of Soroka Music Ltd. (BMI) and Monk Ici Music (SESAC) All Rights Reserved/International Copyright Secured

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