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from Home Again .............................................. Walking on the railroad rails Leaning into one another Balancing so we won't fail Into timeless friends and lovers We're still holding hands Past the place I quite before On this high trestle span The distance down is what We must ignore Chorus Balance is no harder after all Out across this bridge so tall Balance is no harder Its just that you've got farther Now you've just got farther to fall Walking on the railroad rails Out across this deep commitment I can feel your finger nails Hanging on to old resentment And I miss that easy smile Lately its a tight-wire frown But we've come so many miles We can make it if we don't look down Chorus Farther to fall Looking all the way down Maybe you'll drown in it all But you like to walk this rail for two As long as words like wife aren't said But something comes over you When you see that span of life ahead Now you make your choice Will you turn around and walk away The tremble in your voice You turn to me, smile and say Hey! Chorus .............................................. é David Wilcox, all rights reserved versuri muzica straina mp3 descarca melodiei cantece David Wilcox Farther To Fall. Descarca cuvintele piesa versuri

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