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from Home Again .............................................. by John Gorka Let Them In was made into song by John Gorka from a poem found in a hospital in the Philippines during World War II. The nurse that found the poem kept it all these years until the recent war brought out all the memorabilia. Luckily, her daughter sent a copy to John Let them in, Peter They are very tired Give them couches where the angels sleep And light those fires Let them wake whole again To brand new dawns Fired by the sun not wartime's Bloody guns May their peace be deep Remember where the broken bodies lie God knows how young they were To have to die God knows how young they were To have to die So give them things they like Let them make some noise Give dance hall bands not golden harps To these our boys And let them love, Peter For they've had no time They should have trees and bird songs And hills to climb The taste of summer in a ripened pear And girls sweet as meadow wind With flowing hair And tell them how they are missed But say not to fear It's gonna be alright With us down here Let them in, Peter Let them in, Peter Let them in, Peter .............................................. é John Gorka, all rights reserved

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