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from East Asheville Hardware .............................................. She had some extra money She wanted to buy time Her friends said it was dangerous But they couldn't change her mind She did if for her mirror And for the ocean's summer sand She just laid down to that scalpel That was in the surgeon's hand She got a boob job She got a what? A boob job No! Yeah... Put a pad of silicone, up against the breastbone Treat her like a man-made thing Well the surgeons try to tell you That the world will love you better If you let 'em cut your body And put those mounds inside your sweater But just think of the investment Now how long those things will last You know, silicone is permanent Even after you have passed When the rest of you has faded In some box under some stone Yeah you'll still have your silly cones Balanced on your bones She got a boob job She got a what? A boob job No! Yeah... Put a pad of silicone up against the breastbone Boob job, huh, well get down Boob job, pick 'em up again Boob job, good god, treat her like a man-made thing No... .............................................. Γƒ‚©1999 Midnight Ocean Bonfire Music(ASCAP)/Cindy Lou My Dear (ASCAP) written with Jeff Penning/Almo Music Corp./Twin Creeks Music, Inc./Jeff Pennig (ASCAP) and Craig Bickhardt/Jaislinn Songs/Sis 'N Bro Music Company/Moraine Park Music Group (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved/International Copyright Secured

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