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from East Asheville Hardware .............................................. An angel appeared in a holy vision Stood by my bedside in shivering light Spoke my name Told me my mission I could not believe I was hearing him right Because he said, 'Go, my son, go... Always go to East Asheville Hardware Before you go to Lowe's He said, Go to East Asheville Hardware Before you go to Lowe's You'll help to keep them open I'm worried they might close From the stiff competition From the national conglomerate With the full page ad in the color section of the Sunday paper supplement and stacks of plastic swimming pools and seven brands of power tools and rows and rows of registers all having nice days But no, you go, he said to me with light around his face He said, You go first to that age-old place To that old wooden door that you have to close behind you To the wide-board wooden floor worn down soft To the real thing Good advice, quality at a fair price And know that they know how deep the frost goes here. Sure there's stuff you'll have to find at Paty's, Lowe's or Sears But go to East Asheville Hardware Go to East Asheville Hardware Before it disappears. .............................................. Γƒ‚©1995 Midnight Ocean Bonfire Music/Nine-Ten Music, a division of Soroka Music Ltd. (BMI) All Rights Reserved/International Copyright Secured

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