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Victim of temptation, can't make it go away. You see it and you want it, baby, never hear a word I say. You know I don't want nothing I don't deserve, oh, no! I won't take less than I know I'm worth. All this talking makes me feel like a monkey in a cage, ain't no point in trying to change a man of my age. Love unemotional, purely physical, what I'm staying for's a mystery to me... ...the heart's what you want from me. People say I'm crazy, wonder why I play your game, sure beats felling lonely, baby, but the story ends the same. I want to feel like I'm living in a fairy tale, don't want to be just another broken heart for sale. Do I have to hit my knees and beg for something more? Maybe this is not the love I've waited for... ...the girl's insatiable... ...You feel no shame in being so unkind, all touch and zero feeling, I don't see a way of changing your mind. Girl, this kind of life is bound to leave you all alone. The light inside your heart is on, but no one's home... ...the soul's invisible... ...What I'm doing here's a mystery to me...

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