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Versuri Lifestyles Of A Ghetto Child

[scratches by Jaz] Lifesyles of a Ghetto Child Life-, li-, life-, lifestyles, lifestyles of a ghetto, Lifestyles of a Ghetto Child Life-, li-, life-, lifestyles, lifestyles, of a ghetto, Lifestyles of a Ghetto Child Life-, li-, life-, lifestyles, lifestyles of a ghetto, Lifestyles of a Ghetto Child [Billy Danze] Watch your back [Lil Fame] Yo kid it's on [BD] It's time on time [LF] Take ten of theirs [BD] Cuz they took one of mine [LF] Them niggas sound sweet [BD] Aint nothing [LF] I think they packin heat [BD] Aint nothing, we cuttin [LF] Clak, clak [BD] Nigga get up, pick your motherfucking head up Somebody gon get whet up, does this look like a set up? See that bitch over there? [yeah] she tryin to get attention [LF] Watch them niggas to your left [BD] Oh see you mention [LF] And they flinchin Get down, hit the ground, goddamnn, my gun jammed Why the Hill Street Blues make me refuse to leave my man [BD] Nigga leave, when I jump up and squeeze, nigga breeze Down the stairs, get Pacino and Bees and more toast They gettin close, BLAU! nigga Larry, CLAK, CLAK! These niggas, BLAU, BLAU, BLAU, BLAU, BLAU!! should be buried [LF] The situation's a tough decision I'm going to get some more ammunition so we can continue this mission [scratches] [LF] Bring it to 'em kid [Teflon] Catch them niggas before they slide [LF] True dat, you get the front, I creep from the side Take 'em down, soon as you hit the dough, let your shit go I figured that them young punks was scheming from the get go BLAU! Kill that noise, YEAH [Tef] Watch your back [LF] BLAU! BLAU! BLAU! Nigga get back, Bill where you at [BD] Over here kid [Tef] I spot him [LF] C'mon! [BD] But I'm comin your way kid [LF] I got him, watch yourself, BLAU! BLAU! [BD] Blowin them herbs [LF] What now, let them slugs calm your nerves Let's motivate [BD] Wait, Pacino still chasin [LF] We bringin this home, leave him alone kid he lacin 'em That's how it is when it's time to roll M.O.P.! Home never fold [BD] You try to set us up, dumpin you a sin, I'ma [LF] Chill nigga you know we gon see them chumps again [scratches] [LF] Five - O, go [BD] Yo stash the hammer [LF] Where yours [BD] I just left my shit right there under the bammer [LF] Make moves kid [BD] It aint no time for debatin, why go straight when You know the man gon be waitin, dip in the building [LF] What if the door's locked [BD] Damn, we can't stop the cops is surrounding the block, and Them chumps are comin fast, nigga dip in the building Hit the hazard and bear last [LF] Nigga they right behind us, I aint tryin to get caught by the law [BD] Oh shit they comin in the building [LF] Open up the door, hurry up, I aint sittin in no pen nigga Five - O comin it's us, let us in nigga Lock the door, cut them lights off [BD] Stash the crack, crack the safe, and see where them chumps is at [LF] They all over the place and we facin hard times at trial Lifestyles of a Ghetto Child

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