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[Chorus 2X: Lil' Fame (Billy Danze) It's them Background Niggaz, back down niggas Murda-ma-murda nigga (kill 'em, nigga, kill 'em) Leave them slumped back, feel 'em, young cats peel 'em Murda-ma-murda nigga (kill 'em, nigga, kill 'em) [Lil' Fame] Live from the underworld It's Fizzy Womack ten bitch And I ain't yappin, I'm clappin Your ain't a murderer, start walkin 'fore I blast Cuz your breath smell like shit, from talkin our ya ass Hold that, (down) it's the invisible Brownsvillain That stand up on fertile ground (make 'em leave) I try ta (when I spit) I got 'em (best believe) I shot 'em, make 'em shit rock bottom You started some shit, see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya Now you sellin up shit, creaks floatin in diarrhea Home skillet, you way outta my past It's 7:25 and I'm 5 minutes from wiggin out on ya ass 7:30 in the face, crazy ass nigga Fuck money, I want your life, and you gon pay me fast nigga Watch the guns cock, pop, Brooklyn style Bucka (Bucka) Bu-Bucka (Bu-Bucka) Bucka (Bucka) {Blaow!} [Chorus 2X] [Billy Danze] Say it (Brownsville) say it again nigga (Brownsvillllllle) To the motherfuckin end nigga I'm a street roller, heat holder Complete soldier -- repeat soldier William will hop out of a stolen ova And slump ya ass over I'm a little bit bolder, a little bit colder Got a little bit of a chip on my shoulder I will rip through you cobra, quiet as kept You motherfuckers better watch ya step (Debt) It's danger when fuckin wit a nickel-plated soldier Creep up behind you and (bang) bang (bang ya) I leave your inner body outta place Have you right in front of the Tunnel wit holes in your face You niggas want war, keep it like that We will make it uglier then sin when my Empire Strikes Back [Chorus 2X] [Lil' Fame] I never been afraid to ride I ain't afraid to live, so you know I ain't afraid to die Put five in ya face, you dog give ya rest of this I'mma make his ass rest in piss (blackout) Catch him in a dark alley, and hit ass wit the grand finale (Blackout) Two more times (blackout, blackout) I told you about fuckin wit mine, game over [Billy Danze] Flatline, tell ya niggas it's gat time Don't ever try to come at mine You never know what scheme I'm on Until the beam come on You know what team I'm on From the homicidal side of town Now, get my niggas round up, will tear the ground up (Clack-clack) pounds up, ya know the drill You motherfuckers better respect the 'Ville (kill, kill...) [Chorus 2X] melodia cuvinte versuri album cuvintele muzica straina cuvintele. Versurile ultima melodie versuri Background Niggaz asculta album descarca M.O.P.

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