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Versuri Roll Call

[Intro] In the year 2000... {M-O-P} still bangin {Firing Squad!} {The last generation...} Hey, hey, hey, hey All right let me brake it down one for time for you You motherfuckers Yo Primo hold me down son, cuz we ain't playin no motherfuckin games [Lil' Fame] Fuck the East Coast, this is N.Y., N.Y. N-I-N-E, make niggas M-I-A And I spray a, it's Fizzy Womack truck Bitch don't get in my way Fuck the jail faces, I leave your body for the homicide to trace Fight along with the shell aces Holler if you hear me I turn your head into a skeleton skull And leave it hollow if you hear me I keep it funky, understand me son I rock my Timb's untied, I don't plan to run Niggas see Lil' Fame creep thru the back street With my aluminum ass whoopa in the back-seat What the fuck is this? Your Van Damme flick, that's cute But I'm hear to fuck up your day do Yes (yes) yes (yes) yo I step to my backwood to brown face and start clippin [Chorus: M.O.P. & Teflon] International, bell ringer, ruckus bringer Downtown swinga, SS Thousand, my index finger We here with the whole squad, First Family empire Fizzy Womack (clack-clack) reportin for Roll Call International, bell ringer, ruckus bringer Downtown swinga, SS Thousand, my index finger We here with the whole squad, First Family empire Bert Dog (Bucka-Blaow) reportin for Roll Call [Billy Danze] Yo, what if I leave you, will you stand? B-I-Double L-Y-D-A-N-Z-E (Danze) Back with a vengeance, listen Mr. Simmer Before I throw copper tops through the back of your skimmer Y'all niggas remember, 1-9-9-3 (M-O-P) what it's goin be Just make it loud and clear Come here nigga, I can't hear nigga I'm deaf in one ear nigga (yeah nigga) You cowards are pathetic, if you wonderin if I'm sympathetic Don't bet it, you should give me a little credit I grew up where it's equivalent to none (none) Wit blood in my palm (palm), I walk wit my arms (arms) Hellerin marksmen (uh-huh), in the dark and the punks sparkin & barkin At ease soldier, it's the untouchable type, that you like We burn pipes, it's over [Chorus] [Lil' Fame] I rip ya body on a Nagamichi system Nigga feel me, I want my goons Straight bumpin the tunes of Makaveli Headed to Queens kid, bumpin some mean shit Bumps thumps on the side of me, smokin some green shit (First Faaaaaaam) Feel the premonition son We heavy metal, what's your love? (Ghetto prisoners) Racka (bung-bung) Racka (bung-bung) rrrrrrrrrrrrracka, motherfucker [Billy Danze] Aiyo we live by the code of the streets Move wit our peeps Since it's hard to eat, we hardly sleep I put my life on the line every step of the way It's for a good cause (for you and yours) of course Okay, now that we establish that Nigga where the fuck that money at I know you got it, and I want it Jack Just give me half of that Take the other half and get yourself another pack And I'll be back for that [Chorus]

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