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Chorus: repeat 2X Represent, show niggaz the deal I'm packing my blue steel, keeping it real Cause niggaz were born to kill [Lil Fame] Here comes the Brownsville slugger, motherfucker I bust off shots at fools To avoid these obstacles I roll deep, me and my nigga Llama With about seven niggas thats up in the clip to bring the drama Homicide, take a ride in the hearse Enemies out to hit me, but I'ma see em first I'm ready, steady, and deadly but yet nervous Let my words a serve its purpose general moved him off the surface Gunshots let off! My instincts was to get him Make sure I hit him, then break North, shonuff! Holding down my fort, taking no shorts of no sorts My four five turn to a blowtorch It's still cocked! I tried to get away safe You that shit was out of shells I still stuck it in my waist Then my dirt, YEAH, Get murked, YEAH, murder was the case That it hit heart beating like a nigga on base I found a spot, chilled, parleyed for a second Fixed my weapon, then headed back to my section Now I'm back home smoking and drinking I'm bent now I meditate on flash backs of how it went down It's kill or be killed, thats a true fact There aint no telling when these niggaz are coming to bust open your back It's ill, it's real, but still I feel It's provoke murder nigga I'm born to kill Chorus - 4x [Billy Danze] Yo, it's the case of the state Versus the great one seven one eight Gun slinger from Brownsville Where niggaz were born to kill [LaShonda] Yo, some chick think she saw you jump up out the jeep You said you was across the street laying with the heat [Billy Danze] What? That bitch lying Heres a cocksucker I never heard of I aint doing time for no mother fucking murder When Mr. Gonzalez stretched in the mud I was home with the dog dome taking down whats up Therefore I'm innocent! [LaShonda] Mad shells were split [Billy Danze] They ain't mine I do damage with an imp, you found shells from a nine This shit is crazy Would you please contact Lazy Tell him I need an attorney To ride with me on this mother fucking journey Now ten months later after being indicted Third off of fifteen are clickin shit so fuck it I'ma fight it Me and the TRU boy lay back after D.A. spoke Cross examination, first thing jumped up and broke no joke Stepped over the judges crown Stepped on the D.A.s ground Looked at the snitch with a frown Went to the jury and got down Seventy-two hours later Creeping on some playing no more shit Toting the same glock Mr. Gonzalez got knocked off wit As I... Chorus - 4x

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