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A big city baby Time to bend on some shit Yall people dont understand That shit is real out here Im a tell yall a story Now this story didnt happen too long ago And it wasnt that far away Its about some real niggas Niggas doin real things aight So let me get to the first page and Ill break it down like this Chapter one [ Lil Fame ] I was a young child, lost, went to church on Sundays Walking a narrow road that lead me to gunplay I was a good boy respect my mommy Looked up to them OGs like Querto, Phil, and Donny Felt good as a young nigga Comin home from school gettin love from them neighborhood drug dealers Wrote change, Cadillac Sevilles But spoke real, was a tradition, Brownsville That was the first chapter, passin these stages But the book is wider and its a lot more pages The game changed, people got foul And the same little chuch boy is buckwild Runnin wit my homeboys from three three nine And one five four five, totin four fives I kept dreams of being a rap dude But I know the streets too well so I pack tools I lost a lot of loved ones to these streets And lost a lot of loved ones over beef That goes to show these streets haunt ya Look what society created now, a monsta [ chorus: M.O.P. ] My day and age was a different role Its when a slug take a niggas soul (Slug take a niggas soul) Follow your dreams and follow your goals Cause who knows what the future holds? (Who knows what the future holds?) Our man died and was left cold Because a slug took the niggas soul (Slug took the niggas soul) Follow your dreams and follow your goals Cause who knows what your future holds (This is what your future holds) [Billy Danze] I wish somebody would lend a hand So they could see how I fell inside Im on an emotional roller coaster ride Nothing to hide A long time ago I set aside my pride And used my past as a ghetto guide A few good men died, several wept stood beside me So I could smooth out the road for those that come behind me You know where you can find me Out on the back blocks Grippin black glocks in front of crack spots Its just a hobby And since I was a baby Thuggin, smokin, drinkin, totin is how the first family raised me ( He who lives as a gangter, will perish in these streets ) I know thats deep But I still shed tears for my mother, two years After shed been laid to rest And still some things I need to chisel off my chest My remedy for stress, I conversate wit my oldest brother Ten years after his death I know theres nothin left So Im forced to take a deep breath Before I attempt to take another step A lot of brothas slept A lot of brothas was left cold in the street and told This is what your future holds [ chorus ] So there you have it You see, a lot of niggas talk about bullshit Talkin about cars, jewels, and money But in all reality, we all come out the same bag of shit Some of us may never see tomorrow So my niggas Dont you never dont you ever forget where you come from Salute M.O.P. for life baby

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